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LDEye Outpatient

LDEye Outpatient is an integrated solution for Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) patients consisting of:

1. A smart mobile application for coaching and monitoring patients' diet and exercise during their daily activities at home

2. A cloud-based web platform for the management of patients by doctors and dietitians with the capability of direct communication and the storage/analysis of data

Stannyl Catalyst

A homogenous catalyst that effectively reduces, cleaves, and/or couples C=O, C=C, or C=N bonds.

Novel platform for vaccine development using modified Viral-like Particles (VLPs)

A novel platform for production of Viral-like Particles (VLPs) used as a single vaccine against a range of viruses, including HIV, HPV, or Ebola. The invention combines two technical innovations; core platform to generate non-infectious VLPs based on the modification of Mumps or Parainfluenza 5 viruses, and a ‘pseudotyping’ technology to incorporate viral glycoproteins of choice on the surface of VLPs. As a proof of concept, the platform was used in development of modified VLPs against HIV. When used as a vaccine, VLPs boosted the production of anti-HIV antibodies better than the native virus.

SPARTA: Single Particle Automated Raman Trapping Analysis

A comprehensive nanoparticle analysis platform based on Raman spectroscopy providing simultaneous size, composition and functionalisation analysis as well as allowing monitoring of dynamic reactions occurring the surface of individual particles.

Biomimetic osteochondral scaffold

A novel multi-laminar and anisotropic osteochondral scaffold has been developed and preliminary in vivo data obtained. This scaffold mimics the natural structure of articular cartilage, which is a highly organized, fibre-reinforced tissue with specific mechanical and biological properties.

Novel phage/AAV delivery vector for gene therapy, medical imaging and vaccine delivery

The present invention relates to a novel DNA delivery vector for targeted gene therapy, medical imaging and vaccination with increased efficacy over existing technologies. The platform comprises a phagemid hybrid with phage and recombinant adeno-associated virus (AAV) components.

Novel large-scale method of production of AAVs

A novel viral delivery vector with scope for more cost-effective commercial production over existing technologies. The platform comprises a phagemid hybrid with recombinant adeno-associated virus (AAV) components.

Vibration Defence Structure Using Seismic Metamaterials

A new solution to prevent seismic waves and ground vibration from harming buildings and structures

Novel transcriptome biomarkers for TB

GBP6 and BATF2 have been identified as novel, highly specific and sensitive biomarkers for TB and determination of their expression levels in peripheral blood can distinguish active TB from latent TB or uninfected individuals.

Novel multifunctional bacteriophages

Researchers at Imperial College London have developed two novel modifications of bacteriophages to significantly improve their efficacy as vectors for targeted gene therapy, and exploit their advantages over eukaryotic viral vectors.

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