Publications and Guides

Patient Capital - a new way to fund UK science

Our MD Technology Transfer Tony Hickson discusses the rise of Patient Capital as a means to fund UK science

Innovation & Entrepreneurship spaces at Imperial

Exploring the spaces for Innovation and Entrepreneurship that exist at Imperial College London and the opportunities they provide for start-ups and spin-outs

A Founder's Guide to Spinouts

A detailed guide designed to help academics at Imperial College London understand what they need to know, and what they need to do, to launch a spinout at Imperial.

Founders Choice Miniguide

A mini-guide to the Founders Choice™ pilot scheme at Imperial College London. This guide provides advice to founders of new companies on both the Founder Driven and Jointly Driven routes available under the Founders Choice™ pilot programme which begins 1st August 2017

Technology Transfer in The UK

Assembled by the TTOs of Imperial, Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, Edinburgh and Manchester Universities, this document summarises and corrects common myths and misconceptions about Technology Transfer in the UK.

The Dowling Report - the real issues and the future

How Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) will try to respond to the relevant observations and recommendations expressed the Dowling Review of Business-University Research Collaborations

How to Obtain a Patent: the patent timeline

A simple guide to the various steps and checkpoints for securing a patent.

Guide to Allocating Equity

Guidance on factors to consider when allocating initial founding equity among spinout founders

Golden Share provisions

A summary of the issues and opportunities associated with Golden Share and Anti-dilution provisions for University start-ups