About Imperial Innovations

Imperial Innovations is the technology transfer office for Imperial College London.

With a focus on societal and economic impact, we develop and commercialise technologies developed by Imperial academics.

We are a subsidiary of IP Group plc, the developer of intellectual property-based businesses.

Imperial Innovations works exclusively with Imperial College London to develop, protect and commercialise novel technologies through licensing to established companies or forming start-ups.

Our relationship with Imperial College London is covered by a technology pipeline agreement that grants us exclusive commercialisation rights over unencumbered intellectual property developed at the College.

Imperial College London is a world-leading university focused entirely on science, technology, medicine, engineering and business. It is ranked among the top ten universities in the world (source: QS World University Rankings 2015/16).

In an average year, we assess around 400 inventions disclosed by Imperial staff, complete 30-40 licence deals, form 8 new companies and file patents on 60 new technologies.

In addition to working with Imperial College London, we provide technology transfer services to select NHS Trusts in London linked with the College.