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Nexeon’s unique silicon anode material unlocks the potential of silicon to deliver increased capacity without compromising lithium-ion battery cycle-life, providing lighter batteries with more power and longer lifetime between charges. Batteries containing Nexeon’s anode material have demonstrated 400 cycles of cells with 900mAh/g and 300 cycles of cells at 1,500 mAh/g. This compares very favourably with commercial carbon anode cells, whose theoretical maximum capacity is 372 mAh/g and meets commercial targets for consumer applications by achieving 300 cycles. As well as capacity benefits, Nexeon’s materials can also offer a reduction in battery size. For example, a commercially available carbon-anode 2.6 Ah ‘18650’ Li-ion cell uses around 10g of carbon anode material; this can be replaced with 3g of Nexeon’s silicon material.

The company has a broad patent portfolio relating to high-aspect ratio silicon materials and the use of such materials in lithium-ion batteries.

Nexeon’s production process uses cheap industrial grade silicon, and the etching is done at room temperatures and pressures, validating cost assumptions and confirming its materials will show cost as well as performance benefits compared to the competition.

The company is providing material, coated anodes and cells under Material Evaluation Agreements to major battery and automotive companies, in addition to a collaboration with a major global automotive OEM to optimise its battery technology for use in electric vehicles.

Nexeon's technology is based on work carried out by Emeritus Professor Mino Green at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London.

Pilot plant

Nexeon operates a fully automated and instrumented pilot plant capable of producing more than 1kg of material a day, enough for around 500 18650 cells. The plant is modelled on a commercial manufacturing facility and gives an accurate understanding of the processes and costs associated with manufacturing anode materials. Nexeon's technology has been developed specifically to ensure that it requires no significant changes to the existing manufacturing processes for making Li-ion batteries.


Latest industry estimates suggest that the global Li-ion battery market is worth around $10bn and is growing fast as more electronic devices are designed and adopted by an eager public. Independent market analyst Takeshita predicts that the market for rechargeable cells will grow sixfold to $60bn by 2020.

Investment History

Nexeon has raised a total of £55 million in investment from a range of investors including Imperial Innovations and Invesco Perpetual.

Key milestones

  • April 2014

    Nexeon completes commissioning of 20 tonne pilot plant capable of producing 20 tonnes of material per year

  • December 2012

    Nexeon signs JDAs with two major OEMs

  • July 2012

    Nexeon selected to appear at London's Science Museum as part of the Make it in Great Britain Challenge Read more

  • February 2012

    Nexeon's advanced silicon technology wins two Rushlight awards Read more

  • December 2011

    Nexeon begin collaboration with Major Global Automotive OEM Read more

  • August 2011

    £40 million funding round led by Imperial Innovations Read more

  • December 2010

    World-record Li-ion cell performance announced Read more

  • July 2010

    New facilities opened to accelerate technology development and enable production of sufficient quantities of sample material to meet demand Read more

  • March 2010

    Nexeon signs Material Evaluation Agreements with major international companies Read more

  • March 2010

    Cells containing Nexeon's silicon material complete 500 full charge/discharge cycles, a significant milestone for rechargeable batteries for consumer electronics Read more

  • January 2010

    Nexeon receives Technology Strategy Board funding as part of a consortium developing solutions for electric vehicle batteries. Read more

  • February 2009

    £10 million funding round led by Imperial Innovations Read more

  • April 2007

    £4.25m funding round led by Imperial Innovations Read more

  • August 2005

    Nexeon founded

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