Circassia is a world-class specialty biopharmaceutical business focused on allergy and asthma. It’s most advanced product is currently in Phase III testing for cat allergy, and is the first in a new class of treatments, Synthetic Peptide Immuno-Regulatory Epitopes (SPIREs). Three other SPIREs, targeting house dust mite, ragweed and grass allergies, have completed clinical proof-of-concept phase IIb studies. Circassia's lead asthma product targets substitution of GSK's Flixotide® pMDI, and received market approval for the UK in November 2015.

Market Opportunity

The Company has an established commercial infrastructure, marketed products, a pipeline of near-term therapies and a portfolio of next generation treatments targeting multi-$billion market opportunities. Circassia sells its novel, market-leading products for asthma management directly to allergy / asthma specialists in the United States and Germany. Its products are also promoted in a number of other countries by the Company's international network of partners.

Steve Harris - CEO & Co-Founder

Steve co-founded Circassia in 2006 and has led the company as Chief Executive Officer since then.
He is a bioscience entrepreneur with extensive experience in the founding and leading of specialty pharma companies including Zeneus Pharma and Powderject Pharmaceutical.

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Key milestones

  • November 2015

    Receives first marketing approval for its fluticasone propionate pressurised metered dose inhaler using only in vitro results.

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  • June 2015

    Circassia completes placing and raises £275 million to fund acquisitions of Aerocrine and Prosonix

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  • January 2015

    Recruitment for pivotal phase III trial for cat allergy treatment complete

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  • June 2014

    Positive top-line results for a phase IIb clinical study of HDM-SPIRE, a house dust mite allergy product candidate based on Circassia’s proprietary ToleroMune® platform technology.

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  • March 2014

    Circassia admitted to trade on the London Stock Exchange

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  • October 2013

    Grass allergy treatment achieves significant system reduction during Hay Fever season

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  • September 2013

    Short course house dust mite allergy treatment achieves significant long-term symptom reduction

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  • February 2013

    Toleromune cat allergy treatment shown to maintain symptom improvement two years after the start of short course therapy

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  • December 2012

    Circassia receives outstanding abstract awards at 2012 World Allergy Organization International Scientific Conference

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  • October 2012

    Start of pivotal phase III Toleromune trial in Cat Allergen-Induced Rhinoconjunctivitis

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  • August 2012

    Joint venture with McMaster University initiates clinical studies to explore biomarkers of Toleromune treatment effectiveness

  • June 2012

    NIH Awards $6.4 Million to Professor Mark Larché to Investigate Mechanisms of Allergy Tolerance Generated by Circassia’s ToleroMune® Treatment

  • April 2012

    Draws down £35m funding from investors following milestone completion and raises further £12m

  • March 2012

    Ragweed allergy therapy achieves positive phase II clinical results

  • March 2012

    Circassia Successfully Completes Observational Study to Inform Design of Cat Allergy Treatment Phase III Trial

  • January 2012

    Announces grant of european patents for key peptides in grass and ragweed allergy therapies

  • September 2011

    Positive phase II trial results for Toleromune hayfever vaccine, which substantially improved patients’ allergy symptoms

  • April 2011

    Circassia announces £60m fundraising

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