Imperial Innovations' portfolio of companies

Innovations has built particular expertise in the key sectors of Therapeutics, Medtech & Diagnostics, Engineering & Materials and ICT & Digital. These sectors reflect the strengths of the UK science base and the technological heritage of the four universities that we work with.

The total net portfolio value at 31 January 2016 was £355.1 million, and the Group's top 10 investments by net fair value represent a carrying value of £232.6 million. This top group of companies, in addition to newly founded and seed-funded companies and the remainder of our accelerated growth portfolio, is the primary focus of our active portfolio management.

Top 10 companies by value


Net Investment Carrying Value* (£m)

% issued share capital held*

Circassia 77.5 9.3%
Nexeon 34.1 39.3%
Veryan Holdings 23.6 47.8%
PsiOxus Therapeutics 22.6 27.9%
Cell Medica 21.0 27.0%
TopiVert Pharma 11.6 30.6%
Abzena plc 13.1 19.9%
MISSION Therapeutics 10.1 21.2%
Yoyo Wallet 9.5 51.4%
Plaxica 9.4 45.7%

*All figures are correct as of January 31st 2016