Collaboration between university researchers and industry has become an increasingly important part of a modern academic’s role, but the process can seem opaque and confusing.

Imperial Innovations has developed ‘Bridging the Gap’ to help academic staff at Imperial explore and elucidate the key concepts and skills required for working with industry, commercialising technology and demonstrating impact.

‘Bridging the Gap’ is free to Imperial academics.

The course is called ‘Bridging the Gap’ because it can be difficult and complex to engage the worlds of academia and industry, from either side of the divide. This short introduction course will provide knowledge and skills to enable participants how to do so and will help them bridge that gap with greater confidence and success.

New sessions are continually being developed. If you would like to attend the course, or you would like to arrange for the course to be run for your department or lab group, please use the form about the bottom of the page to register your interest.

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Full course details

'Research, Impact and Industry - Bridging the Gap' - Proposed Full Day Course

Part 1 "Attracting"

Session 1 - Introduction (10:00am - 11:30am)

  • What is the value of industry engagement and how will this enhance my career?
  • Ref 2014 and Impact—summary and overview of case studies
  • Enagement with business—when and how?

Session 2 - Interactive (11:45am - 01:00pm)

Skills training—how to attract business, creating relationships with industry

Lunch (01:00pm - 02:00pm)

Part 2 "Fulfilling" (02:00pm - 03:15pm)

Session 3 - Stakeholders

Brief introduction to who is involved in industry collaboration and their roles.

Session 4 - Generating and adding value (External provider to deliver)

  • Where does value come from?
    • Expertise
    • Research activity
    • IP & Product development
  • How are these the best promoted and 'sold'?
  • What outcomes and benefits can be achieved in each case?
  • What are the different routes to achieving this?

Break (03:15pm - 03:30pm)

Session 5 - External engagement (External provider to deliver) (03:30pm - 04:30pm)

  • Creating relationships—engagement and networking
  • Partnerships—working up collaborations, stage-gate process
  • Commercialisation—role of Imperial Innovations
  • Skills training—team working and relationship building

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