The first series of Bridging the Gap will soon begin. Cick here to sign up for one of the sessions listed below.

Research, Impact & Industry - Training Courses for Imperial academics

In addition to research and teaching duties, it has become increasingly important for academics to engage with industry not only as either consultants, or partners in joint research, but also, to commercialise inventions and to demonstrate the economic and social impact of their work. Academics will benefit from gaining a better understanding of the context of their research and how technology is used in practice; becoming more aware of the relevance and application in wider context; building networks of contacts which can open career opportunities and tap into additional sources of funding.

In response, Imperial Innovations is launching a range of training courses, offered free to Imperial staff, which will explore and elucidate the key concepts and skills required for working with industry, commercialising technology and demonstrating impact.

These groups work at the interface between academic research and industry at Imperial College London. As well as enhancing the ability of Imperial staff to access and engage with industry, the courses will support the College in fulfilling its mission of achieving “enduring excellence in research and education in science, engineering, medicine and business for the benefit of society”.

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Note: Faculty of Natural Sciences (FoNS) staff should be aware of the Faculty’s Strategic Training in External Partnerships (STEP) programme to find out more about working with industry and other external organisations. This course has been designed specifically for FoNS academics - please get in touch with Kasia Kmieckowiak to find out more.

Research, Impact and Industry - Bridging the Gap

Following the success of our pilot courses in June, Imperial Innovations, in conjuction with Imperial's Planning & Strategy Group, are happy to present the first series of Bridging the Gap courses. Sessions will be taking place on:

  • 16 March @ White City Incubator at I-HUB
  • 15 June @ South Kensington location to be announced

E-mail if you wish to attend one of the session.

Topics to be covered:

  • What resources are available to Imperial academics?

  • What is the REF Impact, why does it matter, how can it be achieved and evidenced?

  • What forms can industry collaboration and engagement take?

  • Understanding the industry relationship.

  • How to win bids and proposals with industry—creating and growing relationships.

Who should attend?

The course is intended for Imperial academic staff who are interested in the commercial application of scientific research and knowledge. It will clarify and explain how this is delivered from academic labs to the commercial world, who is involved in the process, what forms this process may take and how to make the process more successful. In parallel, participants will learn and understand the role of impact in the REF and how they can achieve it and demonstrate it and the resources available to support them. It will clarify and explain how various key business concepts are used by industry in sponsoring research, how this knowledge can be used to improve success not only in bidding for industry contracts, but also in maintaining and growing relationships with industry partners, including the importance of contractual relationships.

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