The Imperial Innovations Technology Transfer Office provides dedicated support to Imperial College inventors

Working together with you, we will assess new technologies for their commercial potential, and where appropriate we will protect new intellectual property through patents, copyright and other means of protection.

We are able to support the development of new technologies, providing commercial advice and proof of concept funding to validate new ideas and make them commercially attractive.

You can read more about our process using the links on the left hand side, and in our Frequently Asked Questions.

The first step towards developing an idea from your lab into a new product, or forming a new company around your research, is to contact our team, who will discuss with you all available options. Alternatively, you can fill in an invention disclosure form (starts download). Our team will review your idea and contact you about it within seven working days.

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Benefits to you


A significant proportion of net revenue from commercialisation is shared directly with inventors, their Faculty and the College through the College’s ‘Rewards to Inventors’ scheme*. Where the technology goes into a spinout company, the inventor can choose to receive shares in that company, and may also benefit from consultancy or directors’ fees.


Both you and your Faculty will gain credit for an invention which goes on to be used widely. In addition, technology licences and spinouts often result in collaborative research programmes, which can attract high-calibre students and staff, as well as research funding which can benefit the department. An inventor can develop professionally by taking an advisory role in a spinout company and the resulting commercial credibility can lead to further industrial collaborations.

Personal satisfaction

Seeing the results of your research leading into business growth, employment and wider benefits to society can be extremely rewarding.


Intellectual property is recognised as an important component of Research Impact and can assist with obtaining many types of funding. Translation is now a key part of the College’s strategy.

Will Innovations delay publication?

Innovations will never delay publication without your consent. We understand that academic publication is of paramount importance and work quickly to ensure delays are not necessary. If you have an idea, please talk to us as early as possible.

Will it cost me money?

No. We pay all patent and legal costs and will only recover them in the event of successful commercialisation.

How much of my time will it take up?

The amount of time required will depend on how involved you wish to be with the onward development of the technology. Work done to refine a patent, for example, might lead to further development of technology which can then form the basis of new patents, and commercial work will enhance your curriculum vitae. Many inventors from the College have chosen to involve themselves deeply in spinout companies based on technologies they have developed and have found they are able to balance successfully their College and commercial careers.

Moving in the same direction

The translation of technology is key to Imperial College's strategy. Imperial is one of the only UK universities which has had the application of its research to industry, commerce and healthcare central to its mission since its foundation.

"We will ensure that translating both into, and from, practice continues to remain an integral part of how we maximise value for society from our education and research"

Imperial College London Strategy 2010-2014

"We are committed to working together to continue embedding throughout the research base a culture in which excellent research departments consistently engage with business, the public sector and civil society organisations, and are committed to carrying new ideas through to beneficial outcomes across the full range of their academic activity."

Joint statement on impact by HEFCE, RCUK and UUK 2011

"The satisfying feeling of hopefully advancing science and doing some good has always been my main motivation"

Professor Colin CaroCo-founder of Veryan Medical and Heliswirl