The Incubator offers a range of support and services to its tenant companies, including events, accomodation and use of sporting facilities

  • Space
  • Events
  • Virtual Tenancy
  • Service Providers

Modern laboratories and write-up suites

The laboratories each include separate write up areas and range in size from 410 to 1130 square feet. Each laboratory has adjustable benches, sinks, eyewash stations, gas and electrical supply, mechanical ventilation for the installation of fume and flow hoods, high-speed communications network and telecom services, and an access security control system. Client companies have access to shared equipment including an autoclave and glass wash.

Office space

Individual private office suites range in size from 150 square feet to 344square feet. Our private offices vary in size and style to suit the need of our clients. All of our office suites have power, telephone and high-speed network points. Office suites are furnished with desks and filing cabinets to the suggested space specification.

Meeting rooms and Business Centre cubicles

The Incubator has five meeting rooms which can accommodate groups of 10 to 15 people and have media capabilities and audio visual equipment. The Incubator also has two large conference rooms which when combined can host up to 100 people.

Floor Plan

Networking and Events

The Incubator contains a true entrepreneurial community who share the experience of developing technology business. Imperial Innovations runs a programme of seminars and events at the Incubator, designed specifically for entrepreneurs and inventors. These events are designed to inform business about the issues affecting start-up companies, generate discussion and debate around key subjects and to help establish new networks which will aid the growth of companies.


We are regularly approached by organisations who would like to help spin-outs or by service providers who offer a service that may be useful to spin-outs. In order to introduce these contacts to our portfolio, we have initiated a programme of seminars so that portfolio companies and inventors are able to find out how to access this support. Previously, speakers have been invited to talk about various government funding schemes, fund-raising, legal updates, R&D tax credits and many more relevant topics. Spin-outs are also welcome to suggest topics of interest.

Industry Focussed Events

Sectors covered in these events relate to the biotechnology, BioPharma, Cleantech and Engineering sectors. External partners and guests across these sectors are invited to give talks and sponsor events.

Technology Update Events

These events include technology updates and introductory presentations held by new tenant companies.

Companies will also have access to Imperial College’s free events, seminars and lectures held across Imperial College London.

Virtual Tenancy

The Imperial White City Incubator offers a bespoke Virtual tenancy package to technology start-ups for all stages of company growth. Packages can be tailored to start-ups who are:

  • At pre-occupancy or post-occupancy stage
  • Looking for a touchdown Centre in London (where a company has a head office out of London)
  • Looking to take their first steps in establishing a foothold in the capital
  • Looking to avoid the expense of setting up a physical office space
  • Wanting to be recognised internationally

Virtual tenancy packages are available in the form of a service level agreement. The Virtual tenancy memberships provide tenants with a central London address as well as a professional business image. Other services include:

  • Access to meeting rooms at discounted rates

  • Telephone answering service

  • Hot-desking and business lounge facilities

  • Opportunities to attend Imperial Innovations seminar and events

Service Providers

Imperial Innovations has an extensive provider network, which is updated annually. This network aims to benefit companies in the Incubator by:

  • Making readily available a range of important service to support the successful growth of early stage companies;

  • Fostering links between Imperial spin-outs and the business community;

  • Negotiating preferable rates and payment structures that are aligned with the financial position of early stage companies.

In order to ensure that providers continue to meet these aims, their services are regularly reviewed. As such, feedback from network members and tenant companies on current services and suggestions for future services are always welcome.