Our Technology Transfer Team can help you develop your research towards commercialisation

If you have developed an idea or invention through your academic research, our technology transfer team will work with to protect your intellectual property and develop the idea towards commercialisation.

  • We will take initial steps to protect your idea without delaying academic publication
  • We will explore numerous sources of funding we have access to in order to support the development of your idea
  • We will conduct thorough market research, make use of our extensive industry contacts, and expertise to decide the best way to get your invention to market

Our technology transfer executives are available to discuss your ideas with you and can offer guidance throughout the process of commercialisation. We are happy to be involved from the earliest stage. Even if you're not yet sure that your work is commercially viable, or if you know that further work needs to be done, we will be happy to familiarise ourselves with the work you are doing and arrange a follow-up meeting in the future - so please get in touch with us.

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The Imperial Innovations technology transfer office works with employees and students of Imperial College London and NHS Trusts connected with Imperial.

Follow the link below to download our invention disclosure form. You may wish to complete this before you contact us, or think about the questions it contains.

Invention disclosure form