About Quicktech

Quicktech is Imperial Innovations' online technology commercialisation platform that helps Imperial scientists distribute their research tools and materials.

The portal has been designed to:

  • Help you promote your research tools or materials
  • Make your research tools and materials accessible to industry and the wider academic community
  • Remove the headache of long licensing negotiations, leaving you free to concentrate on your research
  • Help you demonstrate impact by providing detailed sales reports for each technology you list

If you have a a research tool or material you wish to see listed on Quicktech, please use the form below to contact the Quicktech team, or contact them directly:

  • Suitable technologies
  • How it works

A wide range of research tools, materials and technologies are suitable for listing on Quicktech.

When you approach us with any technology, we will decide which commercialisation strategy is most suitable.

Therefore we cannot provide an exhaustive list of all technology types that we will list on the Quicktech platform.

However, we have provided below some guidance in the form of a non-exhaustive list of characteristics we look for in Quicktech technologies, and below that some examples of technologies that would be suitable for listing on Quicktech.

General characteristics of technologies suitable for Quicktech:

  • Created at Imperial
  • Product-like
  • Unpatented
  • Non-clinical sample
  • Ready-to-use
  • Available for distribution
  • Suitable for distribution to multiple requestors
  • Likely to be distributed under an MSA/MTA or a simple licence
  • Broadly useful to scientists and researchers in academia or industry

Research tools and materials which we would generally consider to be suitable for listing on Quicktech:

  • Research tools
  • Cell lines
  • Disease models
  • Compounds
  • Antibodies
  • Plasmids
  • Transgenic models
  • Software packages
  • Algorithms
  • Patient outcome surveys
  • Images
  • Videos

If you have something you think is suitable, please use the form below to get in touch with the Quicktech team.

During your research you may develop research tools and materials that can be useful to other scientists and industry. Things such as cell lines, algorithms, and simulation models can all be sold via Quicktech. This guide will tell you how to engage with Quicktech to make those tools and materials available and accessible to other scientists and industry.

1. Contact us on or use the form at the bottom of this page to provide us with a brief overview of the tool(s) or material(s) you wish to list on Quicktech. A member of the team will review it and determine whether it is appropriate for listing on Quicktech.

2. If your technology is appropriate, we will work with you to create a webpage which you can use to market your tool to others. You may wish to link to the page from your academic website. We can also produce datasheets that you can distribute at conferences and meetings, if you wish.

3. Imperial Innovations will handle the legal aspects of the listing - drawing up licensing terms and so on.

4. The Quicktech system will inform you when an order is placed for your technology. The transaction takes place through the Quicktech platform and is managed by Imperial Innovations. You will be required to produce and deliver the material to the purchaser.

5. Transactions that take place through Quicktech are subject to the Imperial Rewards to Inventors scheme, details of which can be found on the College website.

6. At your request, we will produce a summary of all licencees of your technology. This can help support impact statements by allowing you to provide evidence of how your technology has been adopted into commercial use.

Submit research tools to Quicktech

Thank you for your message about your research tools or materials. We will review your submission and contact you within 7 days to discuss your technology and the steps we need to take to list it on Quicktech.

If you have research tools or materials developed in the course of your research at Imperial College London that you think would be suitable for Quicktech, please let us know using the form below.