We offer an extensive range of technologies and licensing opportunities in therapeutics, medtech, engineering and ICT. Our portfolio of technologies for licence has been developed by leading scientists at Imperial College London.

The technologies we offer have been developed - or are in continuing development - at Imperial College London, one of the world's leading research universities. These licensing opportunities therefore vary in technology readiness level. If you are interested in licensing one of our technologies, we recommend you contact a member of our Technology Transfer team using the contact details attached to each technology description.

Imperial Innovations has many years of experience in protecting and commercialising novel technologies developed by academics and scientists. We have completed hundreds of licensing transactions with industry partners, from large and established corporations to smaller, growing companies.

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Available technologies

In general, we are seeking an exclusive licensing partner for these technologies. Based on work undertaken at Imperial College London, these technologies are validated by extensive research. While we have no set licence terms and each case is negotiated individually, in general these technologies will be licensed in exchange for an up-front fee and royalties.

Please browse our available technologies and use the contact information to connect with one of our Technology Transfer team members.

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Our express licensing site, Quicktech, offers access to research materials, software, disease models and various other technologies developed by researchers at Imperial College London. These technologies are generally offered on a non-exclusive basis, with pre-defined license terms.

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