AIM Rule 26

The information provided on this page is presented for the purpose of compliance with AIM Rule 26.

Imperial Innovations is incorporated in England and Wales and its main country of operation is the UK.

There are no other exchanges or trading platforms on which the company has applied or agreed to have any of its securities (including its AIM securities) admitted or traded.

Business Description

Imperial Innovations creates, builds and invests in pioneering university technologies addressing global problems in healthcare, energy, engineering and the environment. It combines deep understanding of science and technology with commercial acumen and strong investment expertise.

Innovations supports scientist-entrepreneurs in the commercialisation of their ideas by:

  • leading the formation of new companies and providing facilities in the early stages
  • providing significant investment and encouraging co-investment to accelerate the transition from R&D to products
  • providing operational expertise
  • helping to recruit high-calibre industry figures and experiences entrepreneurs as executive management and Board members

Innovations invests in companies based on technologies from or associated with four universities: Imperial College London; and Cambridge University, Oxford University, and UCL supported by its collaborations with Cambridge Enterprise, OSEM and UCL Business. These are the UK's leading research intensive universities, measured by research income.

In its current portfolio of 82 companies, Innovations' most advanced assets include Circassia, which develops innovative treatments for a wide range of allergies; and Nexeon, a battery materials and licensing company which develops silicon anodes which extend the life and increase the capacity of lithium-ion batteries.

Investment strategy

Board Committees

Articles of Association

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Shares in issue

The number of AIM securities in issue is 99,651,035. No AIM securities are held as treasury shares.

So far as Imperial Innovations Group plc is aware, the percentage of AIM securities in issue that is not in public hands in 91.6%

Significant shareholders and percentage holdings

Shareholder % Holdings
Invesco Limited (The Bank of New York (Nominees) Limited) 45.57%
Imperial College London 30.26%
Lansdowne Partners (Morstan Nominees Limited) 13.71%

There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company's AIM securities

Financial Statements

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