Building ventures around research with Co.Create

Imperial Innovations builds and invests in science and technology led ventures. We have over 10 years of experience across 90+ companies with a total of £822m raised across the portfolio.

Each year we partner with 5-10 academic teams to help to build companies around cutting edge technology with significant market opportunities. We work with teams right from the initial proof of concept through defining the business model and completing deals with customers and investors.

The Co.Create service

All of the assistance described here is provided free to Imperial staff where the IP is owned by Imperial College London (by virtue or grant terms or employee contracts). In the case that the IP is not owned by Imperial, we ask for 10-15% equity non-dilutable until post-Series A investment.

We work closely with teams on a one-to-one basis and bring in experts at every step of the journey. The tabs on the left take you through each of these steps, starting with determining commercial viability.

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