Imperial Innovations works with researchers at Imperial College London – a world-leading university – supporting them to turn their novel research into new businesses, products or services.

Our team works with Imperial scientists, managing the whole process of taking an idea from the lab into the market. Importantly, we shoulder the commercial risk, paying for IP protection up-front – Imperial inventors don’t pay a penny to work with us.

  • We assess inventions, considering commercial potential, the state of the market and development requirements

  • We protect intellectual property through patents and other appropriate forms of protection

  • We provide advice on establishing proof of concept, using our commercial experience to inform inventors about what businesses want to see

  • We may provide development funding or support inventors in their applications for funding from other sources

  • We advise on IP and commercial strategy

  • We manage the licensing process (including negotiations and post-deal administration)

  • Our dedicated company formation unit establishes new businesses, finds mentors and management and provides access to preferred suppliers

  • Above all we are flexible in our support – we have executed novel deals and provided unique support where required.