Imperial Innovations commercialises leading UK research and seeks to build substantial, high quality, well-funded and well-managed businesses

Imperial Innovations works with exciting university research at the earliest stage and develops it through to commercialisation.

We have proprietary access to intellectual property developed at Imperial College London and strong networks around London, Cambridge and Oxford that give us early access to opportunities developed at research institutions from within the golden triangle.

Our approach differs according to the source of the opportunity. Through our proprietary access to Imperial College London technology, we can access research outcomes at a very early stage. We undertake detailed screening of these early stage technologies, develop intellectual property strategy and protect the technology, carry out market research and de-risk the technology through proof-of-concept studies.

Depending on the outcome of this essential early groundwork, a decision will be taken as to the best way to take the technology to market - whether through licensing to a commercial partner, or forming a new company.

Through our networks we are able to source opportunities at this stage (or at later stages) based on academic research undertaken at research institutions within the golden triangle. In order to do this, We work with the technology transfer offices for the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford and University College London, as well as using a wider network of contacts to identify investment opportunities in early stage companies. See 'Investment in Cambridge' and 'Investment in Oxford' for further information.

Two business units play key roles in this process - Ventures and Technology Transfer.

  • Ventures
  • Technology Transfer


The Ventures team creates, nurtures and invests in new technology ventures based on intellectual property developed at or associated with the academic communities of Imperial College London, the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford and University College London.

Innovations is dedicated to building ventures with a view to value creation over the long term. This means setting companies up correctly right from the start and maintaining an active role. Innovations always takes a seat on the board of businesses when it invests and the Ventures team therefore has a highly influential role in the running of the business and a shared sense of purpose with its management team.

We play a key role in the funding strategy of our portfolio companies, and often build our holdings by investing in subsequent funding rounds, assembling syndicates of quality co-investors and attracting a community of corporate partners that may play a helpful role in the long-term development of each business.

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Technology Transfer

The technology transfer team at Imperial Innovations is responsible for assessing, managing and beginning the commercialisation process for intellectual property developed at Imperial College London, the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, and the Northwest London Hospitals Trust.

The team manages the translation of an idea into practice, working with the inventor to secure translational or proof of concept funding and seeking input from potential industry partners to shape the opportunity. The technology transfer team will license opportunities to both larger corporates and small, growing companies. Together with the Ventures team, it will also work on opportunities for the formation of new companies.

The technology transfer team receives around 350 new invention ideas per year, from which around four to six new companies a year are formed, and 20 licences signed.

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