What we do

Imperial Innovations exploits the gap between scientific research and successful commercialisation in the UK, focusing on the research output from and companies associated with four of the best universities in the world, Cambridge, Oxford, UCL and Imperial.

Leveraging our expertise in the management of intellectual property, our understanding of academic activities and our investment capability, we build technology and healthcare ventures run by talented management teams and supported by strong investor syndicates.


The Ventures team at Imperial Innovations operates across the healthcare and technology sectors and is responsible for creating and building new companies, as well as for identifying promising pre-company opportunities and opportunities for investment in established or recently launched businesses.

Innovations is dedicated to building ventures. Where a company has been established, we will work to ensure the appointment of high quality management, the development of strong relationships with industry, and will utilise our extensive operational expertise to provide the best possible platform for growth. With pre-company opportunities, we will thoroughly research and validate the opportunity, identify appropriate IP strategy, form the company, appoint motivated management and commit the necessary funding to build a future leading business.

We invest selectively within our portfolio to accelerate commercial and technical development and to increase value, working alongside quality co-investors. We are an involved and active investor, preferring to be involved at the earliest possible opportunity.

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Technology Transfer

The technology transfer team at Imperial Innovations is responsible for assessing, managing and beginning the commercialisation process for intellectual property developed at Imperial College London, the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, and the Northwest London Hospitals Trust.

The technology transfer team receives around 350 new invention ideas per year, from which around four to six new companies a year are formed, and 20 licences signed.

The team manages the translation of an idea into practice, working with the inventor to secure translational or proof of concept funding and seeking input from potential industry partners to shape the opportunity. The technology transfer team will license opportunities to both larger corporates and small, growing companies. Together with the Ventures team, it will also work on opportunities for the formation of new companies.

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